Brent's Gruntle

This is not a blog. It's really just where I put stuff that I think someone else (not necessarily you - but someone...) might want to see on various topics. Enjoy (or not).

On Terminals - This is how I customize my terminal based environment in UNIX environments.

On My Firewall - This is how I configure iptables on my home gateway for providing NAT to the rest of my network, and securely letting me get in from the outside.

On Internet Hosting - How I split up various Internet hosting related duties between different free services and my home systems.

On Netgear Switches - I needed to expand my wired home network and also wanted 10GBE. This is how I solved that problem.

On P2V of Windows 7 to Proxmox - How I moved a Windows 7 install to my Proxmox VE server.

On What Powers This Site - How I author this site, and a bit of a trip down memory lane of how it worked in the past.